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We are a very close team of mobile evangelists that creates apps that really bring mobile to you and let you explore the boundaries of the sizzling world of mobile.

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We believe that delivering a great product is more than only its development. We bring you a complete package that truly bundles your dreams into an application or website.

Envisioning Your Dreams

Together with you and your company, we collect all your dreams and ideas for your application and we guide you through the wondrous world of mobile applications to help envisioning your application.


It's all about the looks. We combine the sketches and wireframes with our analysis and our UX and UI-experts create different designs to fit your needs and those of your target audience.


An awesome app is nothing without an awesome analysis. During this phase we state all functionalities and requirements of your application in great detail.

Development & Testing

Through principles like Test Driven Development, scrum and continuous integration, we offer you the option to follow the development process closely.

Sketching & Wireframing

What do these ideas look like on a device? We bring your app to live by sketching the screens and creating a prototype that gives you a first real impression of what your app might look like.

Maintenance & Support

Even after the application is live, we help you maintain the application and we gladly build the next update that takes your application to an even higher level.

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At Cozmos, we are strongly aware of the utility and the importance of a well thought through application. From the start, we chose a technology-independent approach, with one single purpose: The right total solution, custom made, for the right issue. Whether we’re talking about a cost-saving Lean Application, a communicating Comm Application or an intense Product Application: The final goal is invariably our main concern.

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A first and own vision that is part of our “Mobile First” thinking; is our methodology to create Lean Applications. Applications that will not only facilitate your (or your customer's) life, but as well applications that will make sure certain tasks are being executed in a more efficient, more transparant and/or performance enhancing way.
  • Time Efficiency

    'Time is money.', and therefore our lean apps will help you finetune your time management capabilities.

  • Transparency

    'Efficiency comes with transparency': A full and real-time overview on your stock? Lean apps will help.

  • Gathering Information

    Declining surveys? Gathering shopper information? Lean apps will get you more accurate info.

  • Communication Efficiency

    Never get lost in an information overload again, and structure your company communication into 1 app.

  • Cost Saving

    Add up efficiency, transparency and information into one sentence, and you get decreasing costs.

  • Optimizing Stock Management

    Combining time efficiency, transparancy and accurate information; will enable you optimize any environment.

Some Lean Apps we made:

A next pillar that belongs to our “Mobile First” methodology; is our methodolgy to create Communication Applications. Applications that are being developed with a very strong focus at the UI/U part of your service. This in order to offer you the possibility to approach your audience in a more direct, a more efficient and a more transparant way.
  • Brand Positioning

    Comm applications will help you position your company within the right market segmentation.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Looking for an efficient, transparant and accurate way to tax your customer satisfaction?

  • Employee Satisfaction

    Looking for an efficient, transparant and accurate way to tax your employee satisfaction?

  • Sales Boosting Tool

    Boost your sales environment through a dedicated mobile sales tool, as well B2B as B2C.

  • Marketing Boosting Tool

    Generate the necessary leads for your sales environment; using a well-thought comm application.

  • Internal & External Branding

    Mix up your sales & marketing tools, in order to reach a perfect brand positioning situation.

Some Communication Apps we made:

And last but not least, the pillar that completes our “Mobile First” methodology: The creation of product applications. Applications that will empower your company, applications that will be part of your services and/or your solutions. By starting of at a UI/UX driven development, we can and will make sure that these Product Applications breathe the heart and soul of your business, so we can truly make your application.
  • Core Activity

    You haven’t got a real sales or marketing goal, but you’re simply in need of something good and functional?

  • Part of your Solution

    Our product app can be part of your solution; whether it’s a survey form or an order application form.

  • Part of your Service

    Our product app can be part of your service, whether it’s a mobile customer service or a mobile bartender.

  • UI / UX Driven

    Our product apps starts from the core: A perfect UI/UX Architecture, in order offering an perfect user experience.

  • Consumer Satisfaction

    Product apps have just one single goal: Increase and maximize your consumer satisfaction.

  • Your Product, Our Concern

    As we go through all requirements, your idea becomes our concern in order to end up in a stunning product.

Some Product Apps we made:

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We have created loads of awesome and useful apps, either public or business. We offer you a closer look in our expanding portfolio.

De Redactie.be

Product Application


Lean Application

Best Of Belgian Football

Communication Application


Communication Application


Product Application

De Lijn Halteaankondiging

Communication Application


Product Application

Everyday Football

Communication Application

De Redactie.be

Product Application

The De Redactie.be application was an intense Cozmos-cooperation with V.R.T. and is – until today – our best example of a Product Application yet. This former business-like and informative application went through a thorough analysis and metamorphosis, in order to transform into a very attractive and userfriendly tool.

All news items were made available in one central and real-time newsfeed, without disrespecting the several sections/brands of V.R.T.. In this way, we left some room for in-app consulting of different pages, such as Terzake, Het Journaal, Vranckx, ...

In addition to these functionalities, we inevitably took into account the interactive part of the application by implementing audio- and videostreaming.


Lean Application

Thanks to the V!GO Windows 8 Tablet Application, caregivers are able to consult and adapt patient files in an easy and user friendly way : All necessary information is made accessible through an existing SAP-backend at V!GO, and in this way implementation of this application simplifies the caregivers job. Not only does this application reduces the global organizational paper flow and administration; it adds on to the fact that patient meetings can be arranged “on the spot”, that orders can be made right away, that patient files are easy and always accessible, … And as an immediate result of this interference : Patients get a better and more dynamic treatment.

In this way, this V!GO application is a Lean Application for both parties : On one end, the business side gains time and money through an effective and user friendly interface; which augments productivity, time-effecience and cost-efficiency. On the other hand, the consumer side gains time and quality through accurate information and an increased responsiveness.

Best Of Belgian Football

Communication Application

The Best Of Belgian Football Application (BBF) is a Communication Application we realized teaming up with Boondoggle – K.B.V.B.’s official Media Partner. On one hand, the initial idea and concept for this application, together with the field testing and the final design was made by Boondoggle; on the other hand the complete technical aspect of this application, was realized by Cozmos. Together with Boondoggle and K.B.V.B. we went on the look-out for the “right” personal touch within this application; and – most important – for a 100% “Mobile First” approach.

Throughout the realization of this application, our biggest challenge was to tackle – and most of all, to integrate – the existing environment of K.B.V.B. within this application; in order to make it the the most powerful tool K.B.V.B. ever had hands on. In this way, we added on a registration form, using an e-mail address and a 4 digit code.

In the end, this cooperation between K.B.V.B., Boondoggle and Cozmos resulted in one of the most accessible mobile solutions K.B.V.B. has yet had : People can walk through calendars, player details, informations, addresses, … All information, one finger click away.

Football/soccer fans : Enjoy!


Communication Application

Thanks to the BLOSO Communication Application we developed, active sports men (as well as sports organizations) get a quick and transparent overview on different assets of the sporting landscape within Flanders. Using this application, you can not only look for details – adresses, phone numbers, infrastructure details, ... - on sport clubs; you can even consult different social media, indicate which clubs are your favourite ones to follow, ... And so on. In addition to this, integrating the MijnBloso and MijnVTS within the application, makes this a must have for every sports fanatic.


Product Application

Thanks to the freshly developed Immoweb Product Application, we reached out a helping hand to the Immoweb team; in order to increase their market penetration, more specific in a mobile environment. The reworked application allows you not only to look for specific real estate linked to a certain number, it also gives you the possibility to create generic searches on base of cost, EPC-certificate, geolocation, ... In this way, all data are more easily accessible to as well customer as real estate broker, which fuels the brand identity of Immoweb.be.

De Lijn Halteaankondiging

Communication Application

The De Lijn Halteaankondiging Application is one of the purest Communitation Applications Cozmos has yet developed, and was realized thanks to an intense cooperation between Cozmos, Wijs and De Lijn.

Goal of this application was as simple as complicated at the same time : De Lijn wanted to make the use of public transportation on one hand more accessible, on the other hand more user friendly.

However, this difficult exercise was executed with a hands on mentality, which resulted in a result to be proud of : Thanks to this application you can not only consult different bus/tram connections (all together with their stopping times), you can also be assisted by our app while using public transportation. Simply indicate where you need to get off your bus/tram; and our application will be at your service by notifying you with or a push notification, or an audible signal.

An application to keep close, for sure!


Product Application

Following the same track as our De Redactie Application, the NUUS application is a Product Application that was realized in cooperation with V.R.T.. Equally to the De Redactie Application, this NUUS application really put our developers to the test.

Not only does this app needed to be developed and designed to the needs (and the short attention wing span) of a target audience in between 12-15 years old; in addition to this, we needed to take the underlying reason into account, more specifically delivering news and actuality to our young adults. In this way, the application was equipped with a fresh, young and flashy design; completed with the possibility to post news and videos directly onto a Facebook or Twitter wall, geotagging included!

Everyday Football

Communication Application

The official Communication Application of the Koninklijke Belgische Voetbalbond was created by Cozmos, and became a true example of versatility. Not only it offers you the possibility to stay in touch and follow your favorite Belgian team on a front row seat, in addition to this, it offers you the possibility to enter and consult all scores in a real-time environment.

Add up the fact you’re able to add an extra tabbar which informs you about possible cancellations, and you know you’ve got a winner in hands.

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Hans Ponnet
Head Of Department @ Bloso

For over 3 years now, BLOSO and VTS (Vlaamse Trainersschool) have been working together with Cozmos, in order to realize the SportDB Application. A more than successful cooperation, which resulted into 6 “principal” and several BETA versions for as well the iOS as the Android operating system.

In this teaming up, I was able to relentlessy count on a professional, dynamic and creative way of working, which took the functional desires of BLOSO/VTS into account, in order to reach a fully functional and user friendly application. And, logically, as a result of this spotless cooperation, we’re already preparing the seventh version of this SportDB application!

Pierre-Olivier Danhaive
Chief Technology Officer @ Immoweb

Immoweb has been working with Cozmos for several years now, mostly on the development of mobile applications. A strong and reliable partnership has been established between our companies and Cozmos never failed to provide talented developers to fill up the gaps in our teams. The best proof of this is the recently launched Immoweb iOS application.

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